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Klaus Nomi by Man Parrish

Interview par Francois Duboux 12/2003


François Duboux : Why did you wanted to work together ?
Man Parrish : Klaus wanted his music to sound like synthesizer music (like Kraftwerk),  and I was AMAZED by his voice. I worked with many local artists, and I really looked forward to working with Klaus.

François Duboux : When did you start to collaborate with him, and when did this collaboration ended ?
Man Parrish : We started working right after we met, and stopped as he got too sick to work.

François Duboux : Did Klaus Nomi seduce you ?
Man Parrish : He tried ( and I love him for trying ) but he only tried once, and Klaus was a gentleman about it, and never brought up the subject again.  I really respect that, and it shows what kind of a Gentleman he really was..!

François Duboux : How was working with the Nomi man ?
Man Parrish : Klaus was a bit shy, and struggled a little bit with English at first, so it was a bit fustrating for him to express himself at times. He was a profectionist, and a insecure at the same time. He'd ask your opinion, at first unsure, but then he'd make a decision, which was always right...

François Duboux : What albums (songs) did you make with Klaus ?
Man Parrish : Klaus only had 2 albums, and I worked on various tracks on both. Some  producing and composing, some programming synthesizers, etc... If you go to my website: www.manparrish.com  and click on the MP3 index, you can hear samples of what I did !

François Duboux : Do you know anything about Klaus' family ?
Man Parrish : Klaus LOVED his mother. I think she came over and stayed with him, when he got sick. I don't know much about the other people in his family. But Klaus had an "extended family" with all his friends around him in NYC.  EVERYBODY loved Klaus !!

François Duboux : Where you a close friend of Klaus when he died ?
Man Parrish : I was pretty close to Klaus. We visited  him in the hospital, several times.  When Klaus got sick, he was one of the first people to get AIDS, and it wasn't even called AIDS then... It was called GRID ( Gay Related Immune Defiency ) and people were freaked out, to even be in the same room !!  NOBODY knew if it was transmitted by the air, or touch, or sneezing, etc..  When we visited Klaus, we had to put on Surgical Suits, Rubber Gloves, Masks and cover our hair and feet with disposible paper shoes and hats. I remember people telling me I was crazy even going to the Hospital to visit him. But most of us that were close to him, decided that he needed us to be with him. And, as a friend, that was WAY more iportiant that "possibly" getting sick.  Was Klaus scared ?  I think he was VERY frightened !! But he always kept smiling, and never complained.

François Duboux : Does Klaus miss you ?
Man Parrish : I would like to think so.... I REALLY miss him. He was kind, and considerate, and really loved people.  I didn't know ANYONE that did not like Klaus. He always looked you directly in the eye, and was always smiling. He was a REAL human being !  I miss you Klaus !

Man Parrish



Music by Man Parrish


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