'Music is universal' (John Marino)



I was a singer in a power pop band  In the New York City circuit, called Speedies in the late 1970s. when my manager told me of a new talent in town called Klaus Nomi. I was told that he was eccentric, elaborate, and very visual. Also sang rock opera, this made me curious and I said I must meet this man since we were both playing at the same local clubs!  And I did!One night in a small after-hours NYC club called the Anvil, A strange man passed me by, and I knew it had to be Klaus, I approached him and said "are you Klaus?"  He looked at me and said "do you nomi." I replied no, but I wanted to make his acquaintance.  He introduced me to his friend Joey Arias, and we left the club together and went off to his apartment in Greenwich Village. We made friends immediately, me being just as strange a person as him. or at least I thought so. Klaus was special, very talented, with a vocal range that was incomparable  he gave me the opportunity to hear his music before it was recorded, he allowed me to borrow a tape of his music, and told me, "don't make a copy of it" but of course i did!  it was his early stuff. Stuff that was put on his first album, and a live version of a cover song by Donna Summers called "I feel love" dubbed, I feel sick. It was funny, original, and like nothing I've ever heard before. I returned the tape to him, not telling him I made a copy. And from then on, we became regular's, he would come to see my band play, and I would go to his performances, when my record was released. "Let me take your Foto." His response was "So your record will be released before mine" And we both had a laugh, he sang many times for me in his apartment, and asked views on how his visual's were in his show's. Which I told him were flawless. Shortly he was approached to do a show at the Ritz in NYC. it was to be called URGH A MUSIC WAR.  Which was going to be recorded for an upcoming album. I went to see him  and helped him zip up and dress for the show. it went beautifully, and he performed. "TOTAL ECLIPSE," the crowd roared with approval! many of them not knowing who he was.  Shortly after that his show's were a sell out.  Soon after that he found out he was sick, by this time he was recording his second album. "SIMPLE MAN." Klaus new he was sick when he recorded "death" it could be herd in his voice! After he performed with Bowie on Saturday Night Live, with Joey by his side. There was no way one could get into his show's unless they showed up very early, or was on a guest list,  which I always was.  Klaus Nomi will be remembered by the music industry as a truly talented and original artist for a long time, Aids took him away from us, at an early stage when many people didn't know what the disease was.  He was taken too early in his life, for he had lots to share with the world. It's true when said : "he came from outer space to save the human race."

We will always remember Klaus Nomi!

John Marino




'The Twist' Chubby Checker, performed by Klaus Nomi

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