" A lot of people used to ask :'What sex is that ? " In case you're also wondering. Klaus Nomi is male. even though he look like some German expressionist film maker's vision of death and sings like pinocchio on helium. In fact, he's probably the world's only male operatic singer who's been influenced more by Maria Callas than by Robert Merrill. But the avan : New waver and the chichi Fiorucci crowd seem to like his

bizarre, indescribable act. Klaus is definitely one of a kind - what kind, we're not

sure. Even his mother has trouble figuring him out. "She thinks I'm the devil,"he laughs.

"I wear black lipstick and black nail polish. I like things unnatural. I think a man without makeup is like a cake without icing."Obviously, this guy is not into convention, not even when it comes to holidays. "People are so nice to each other on holidays - especially Christmas," he frowns. "Why don't people beat cash other up on Christ-

mas ? Now, that would be fun"


#Photo by William Coupon




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