There was between them the intimacy of a well kept secret... ' (Marguerite Yourcenar)



Klaus’s and my relationship developed along 3 lines: as neighbors; collaborators; and mutual admirers of Classical music (not just pop). This plus my ‘straightness’ are qualities I had apart from Klaus’s other typical collaborators.  He generously lent me his albums whether Classical or rock, and I reciprocated. He had all Wagner’s operas, tons of Callas, many Classical composers, focussed on Opera.

Reading Crowley’s BOOK OF THOTH influenced me to buy PARSIFAL as my first Wagner boxset. Nomi recommended some choices and I trekked down to J&R and picked one.  (He waited not very long before begging me to lend it to him!) I had Dorati’s versions of selected Wagner pieces and Klaus, after hearing his RIDE OF THE VALKYRIES, asked to tape it to play at NOMI show openings.


My creative output at this time (late 70s-early 80s) was quite high, music-directing and filling the repertoire of not 1 nor 2 but 3 arty-experimental new wave era bands. Page Wood’s 17th Street Studio was where we rehearsed, taped, schemed, and launched several from, including Come On, Container, Strange Party and Nomi. Klaus had met us through the New Wave Vaudeville Show, which his act was the climax of,Come On (performing BUSINESSMEN IN SPACE) being perhaps the next-most popular/memorable act!


I began churning out Classical-pop dancey material with the amazing Nomi in mind as the singer: ICUROK and ZA BAK DAZ are the main results, as well as ‘3 WISHES’, performed by my group CONTAINER, whose early shows Nomi graced where he heard the song and ‘wanted it.’ The rest is ‘histoire’; and the tragic turn of his health plummet…


The phone rang. “George? It’s Nomi!” –never a more recognizable voice! –albeit scarily weak from sickness. “I’m in the hospital…Could you do me a big favor? I’m DY-ing to hear some MU-sic!…Would you take some money from the hiding place in my apartment (amongst the albums) and go to J&R and buy me the cassettes of THE FLYING DUTCHMAN?” –a certain cherished Richard Wagner recording—
….“thank you…”

I of course agreed; he trusted close neighbor me to check his mail and plants when away, so I had his key. Taking the cassettes to him in the uptown hospital was the last time we saw each other.…..


Klaus will be glad to see his movie, I hear premiering near his birthday in February…and I’m sure he’s proud of a site such as Isabelle’s! 

George Elliott   



'Forehead', by George Elliott


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